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Egon Wellesz

Composer, musicologist. Born in Vienna. Private counterpoint studies with A. Schoenberg 1905-1906; musicology and music history with Guido Adler. Wellesz gained international recognition as a byzantinist after having successfully decoded the 'neumen' in 1916. He started teaching in 1911 and in 1920 wrote the first biography of Arnold Schoenberg. In 1932 Dr. H.C. University of Oxford. Wellesz was on a concert tour in Amsterdam when Hitler marched into Vienna and he was able to emigrate to Great Britain from there. Lecturer at Oxford University from 1939 on, reader in Byzantine music 1948-56; co-editor of the 'New Oxford History of Music' (1954 ff). Selection of works: 1912 'Vorfrühling', symphonic poem; 1919-1920 opera 'Die Prinzessin Girnara'; 1921 ballet 'Achilles auf Skyros'; 1933 piano concerto; 1934-1936 'Prosperos Beschwörungen' (from 'The Tempest'); 9 symphonies, 9 string quartets.


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Egon Wellesz




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