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Berthold Salander

1887 Wien - 1959 New York
Violinist, born October 26, 1887 in Vienna, studied violin at the Conservatorium der Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde Wien; 1909 obtained his honours diploma from the Music Academy. From 1913 on he was a member of the 2. violin section of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, 1928-32 a member of the board of the Philharmonics, 1930-32 committee man of the State Opera orchestra. Berthold Salander was dismissed from the orchestra in 1938 and with the help of his son Wilhelm (William) Salander managed to escape Nazi terror in the last minute and reach the USA in 1941. Wilhelm Salander (1917 Vienna- 1989 New York), who had completed his clarinet studies at the Vienna Academy of Music had been able to flee via Paris to the USA in 1939 with an affidavit by Gerald Felix Warburg . In the USA Berthold Salander played with the New Orleans Philharmonic Orchestra, later on he and his family moved to New York where he played with the Warburg Orchestra, the New Friends of Music and the Salzburg Chamber Players. In 1952 he was awarded the Nikolai Medal. According to his grandson Roger Salander the 'Philharmoniker Ring' (Ring of Honour of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra) was introduced at his instigation. Solo clarinettist Roger Salander returned to Vienna, where he hold a teaching position at the Wiener Konservatorium and founded the music festival Heiligenkreuzer Herbst. Today he can be heard as a conductor at times. Update Primavera Driessen Gruber September 6, 2015


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Berthold Salander




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