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Lotte (Maria Charlotte) Bamberger-Hammerschlag

1904 Wien - 2005 New York
Lotte Bamberger-Hammerschlag, née Maria Charlotte Hammerschlag July 13, 1904 in Vienna, died 2005 New York, violist, teacher. 1919-25 violin studies at the Academy of Music and Performing Arts Vienna with Franz Mairecker and Julius Stwertka. 1925-32 performances as violist at the Wiener Konzerthaus, Concerts with music by Jewish composers, chamber music, viola player in various chamber groups, a. o. 1936 substitute Busch Quartet. June 30, 1936 she married Viennese conductor Carl Bamberger, that same year until 1938 assistant 1. viola in the newly established Palestine Orchestra (today Israel Philharmonic Orchestra) in Tel Aviv. In 1938 she follows her husband into exile to New York, where during the first years she plays the viola in the 'new' Galimir Quartet. She has taught chamber music at the Mannes College of Music in New York for many years and given numerous concerts. Charlotte Bamberger-Hammerschlag has passed away 2005 in New York over hundred years old. Update Primavera Driessen Gruber January 12, 2014


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Lotte Bamberger-Hammerschlag




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