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Eric (Erich) Zeisl

Composer. Born 1905 in Vienna, he was one of Vienna's most succesful composers in the thirties. His career was interrupted by the annexation of Austria; the premiere of his chamber opera 'Leonce und Lena' at the Schönbrunner Schloßtheater was cancelled (and is today still waiting for its first performance). Exile via France in the USA. 1944-45 wrote his 'Requiem Ebraico'. The composer of more than 100 'Lieder', he did not write a single 'Lied' after 1938. His opera 'Hiob' based on the famous novel by Joseph Roth remains unfinished. Composer for film at MGM, instructor at Southern California Music School, Los Angeles City College. Works: Lieder, chamber music, orchestral work, ballet music, operas


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Eric (Erich) Zeisl




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